API endpoint documentation

The play.fm REST-API endpoints are available in the formats json and xml. By default, the response content-type will be json.
You can switch to xml by appending .xml to the API endpoint URLs.


If you want to access endpoints which require authentication, you'll need an oauth2 access token. Please contact us at developers@play.fm for an access token and in-depth information about the oauth2 process.


API endpoints returning collections can be paginated by using the page (=current page) and page_size GET-parameters. Example: https://v2api.play.fm/pages/57327/recordings?page=1&per_page=9
The end of the collection is reached once the API returns an empty response.


The search API is currently only available via websockets. If you need to search mixes and pages, please contact us at developers@play.fm and we'll figure something out for you.